Innovative Solution for Hard Water

This technology was designed to afford the ability to treat water with excessive hardness of up to 1700 ppm (most commercial products  can’t exceed a level over 450 ppm hardness)!

The  Catalytic Water Conditioner composition and design offers:

  • better inhibition and elimination of scale and corrosion formation,
  • increased cleaning power of water,
  • inhibits algae, mildew and fungal growth,
  • increases the penetrating ability of water,
  • decreases the gaseous content of water and
  • leaches away excessive salts from soils.

Catalytic conditioned water provides:

  • a “soft” but not slippery feel
  • allows the use of less detergents and cleaning compounds,
  • makes water penetrate soil faster,
  • neutralizes the effects of minerals that cause hard water and
  • allows many agricultural crops to flourish in what is commonly called “salty” water.

To learn more about commercial applications, please click on the link below:

Chemical Free Catalytic Water Conditioner