You will quickly discover, we are not your typical consultants and refer to ourselves as Lean Sensei, not management consultants or experts. We focus on guiding you through your Lean Transformation by working directly alongside you and asking the right questions of you so you can achieve sustainable change and  leverage  opportunities available through Lean Transformations.

We are passionate about what we do because we have personally lived through getting enterprises to become Lean. 

Our expertise is coaching the development of an enterprise’s Lean knowledge base and getting you to increase the capability, proficiency and skill level of  your staff at various levels to implement a proven Lean/Continuous Improvement roadmap to:

  • train/employee development to boost employee engagement, ownership and retention
  • establish productivity metrics,
  • provide processes to evaluate performance against metrics and adjust accordingly based on P-D-C-A
  • deliver meaningful, measurable improvements for your enterprises’ operations
  • and
  • more importantly, sustain such activities so that Lean becomes the way your enterprise does business