World class enterprises grow and challenge their people to develop new skills and enhance existing skills.  To complement our training/certification offerings,  we work with enterprises to assess their current state of People Development and define a People Development Coaching roadmap to prepare their employees to be formal and informal Lean leaders. In many cases, this requires some stretching on both personal and organizational levels so specific “soft skills” and technical skills coaching is needed to develop effective Lean people.

Although the needs are specific to an enterprise, some of the topics addressed in this type of LGI coaching may include:

Change Management

Understanding Change (management perspective)

Addressing Resistance to Change

Dealing with Change (individual perspective)

Readiness for Change (assessment)


Project Management

Traditional Project Management

Lean Project Management

Microsoft Project Training

PMP Exam Preparation


Business Communications

Effective Meetings

Effective Listening

Effective Writing

Effective Public Speaking and Presentations

Handling Conflict in the Workplace

Constructive Feedback

Negotiation Skills


Ownership and Empowerment

Intro to Empowerment : Leading with or Without a Title (for Technical Staff)

Intro to Empowerment: Leading with or Without a Title (Females Only)

Emotional Intelligence

Identifying and Using your Strengths