Become familiar with what’s it takes as a Gulf Inventor to market, produce and sell your inventions locally and internationally:
• Learn how to effectively introduce new product designs to be offered in the local market
• Invest in doing your homework with LGI before you put too much time and money on a possibly “not so unique” concept


• Receive information packet; enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with LGI
• Complete and submit concept to LGI for preliminary evaluation
• Meet with LGI experts to determine “Go” or “No Go”. If “Go” proceed to planning phase.



• Create design drawings
• Proof of concept/Prototype
• Prepare A-3 manufacturing feasibility plan, business plan, and marketing plan
• Review Financing options vs. partnering options such as Khalifa fund
(For UAE nationals meeting certain criteria)
• Determine if “Go” or “No Go”



• Determine Product Value Added Threshold
• Execute implementation Plan
• Work w/ LGI to Set up Value added Lean activities
• LGI continues to provide exclusive ongoing Lean Product introduction support for 1-3 years