LGI Coaching

Our goal is to get you to see opportunities for continuous measurable improvement in your processes for yourself and to innovate and sustain/identify future improvements on your own. As a direct result, your enterprise learns how to measure and more importantly, sustain progress to get beyond just surviving. You thrive and we get referrals ;-)

Going Lean is that simple, but no means easy.

We offer professional development products, advisory and application services and localized publications. Our three core areas are:

1) Educational and professional development workshops with the emphasis on “hands on” applied learning in the workplace. We offer basic Lean Awareness, Lean Leadership Development, including an internationally recognized professional Lean certification to promote professional development and provide value to the organization through the results of facilitated onsite Gemba Kaizen project work.

2) Advisory and Application services that include:

      • Lean leadership coaching,
      • Lean assessment,
      • Roadmap development,
      • Kaizen events,
      • Value stream mapping
      • Demonstration Projects
      • Professional Certification preparation

where “ we don’t hand you a fish, we teach you how to fish.”

3) Publications, learning materials and interactive simulations in English and select items in Arabic.