Lean Leadership for Oil and Gas  

Lean is much more than tools and improvement events to be left to the technical staff. Leaders need to understand the interconnectedness of their behaviors with lean success. The journey to become a Lean learning organization begins with mentoring, monitoring, and accountability actions centered around teaching people to think systematically to solve their own problems (with appropriate support). The objective of this workshop is to help leaders understand applying lean to their enterprise vs. integrating it into the business system. Creating a new problem solving culture requires leaders to explore what changes in their own thinking and behaviors are required so they can effectively embrace and support their organizational transformation.


In this workshop, we facilitate sessions to help leaders grasp the power of Lean and the challenge of learning to lead it successfully. As we introduce Lean concepts and practical application through a mixture of story telling, videos, case studies and discussions, leaders are presented with the opportunity to “Learn to See” and “Manage to Learn” by exploring exploring personal leadership habits and practices from a Lean perspective. Keep in mind that lean is not just for manufacturing and is not just a set of tools that can be assigned or delegates to technical Lean implementers to transform the organization and achieve impressive results. Enhance your strengths as a leader and come learn what it takes to lead your enterprise to become a continuous improvement culture and realize/sustain significant measurable business improvements.


Topics include:

  • What is Lean?
  • Why Lean? (Stories and Case Studies)
  • The Lean Leadership Paradigm (from the view of those who have lived it)
  • Five Lean Leadership Actions
  • Segments of Lean Leadership
    1. Lean Culture
    2. Lean Organizational Structure
    3. Lean Standard Work
    4. Accountability and Visual Controls
    5. Servant Leadership
    6. The Gemba Walk
    7. Hoshin Kanri
  • Summary