Introduction to Lean Education              (2 day)

In this event the focus is  on  Lean principles and practices can be applied to education as it has been proven to hold great promise for any educational entity  seeking academic and operational excellence through an intentional and disciplined approach.  As a Lean educational entity the enity’s value builds on the expertise and commitment of its faculty, staff and students. While resistance to change may potentially limit the acceptance and impact of Lean in Education, there are enormous benefits to the institution, its faculty, staff, and those it serves.

-Lean can help make educational institutions innovative and competitive in the increasingly cluttered landscape of education.

-Lean allows universities to use their limited resources (human, financial, space) more effectively, providing cost savings or the reallocation of these resources to deliver more value to those they serve.

-Lean takes advantage of the expertise and ideas of all employees, who are encouraged to play an active role in improving education processes.

Educational institutions that embark on a Lean journey have much to gain in terms of adding value, improving quality of services and attracting students and teachers.