Lean Human Resources (HR)

This workshop is specially designed to provide regional HR professionals and staff insight on how world-class Lean enterprises recruit, train, develop and measure their people’s performance to create and sustain a world-class continuous improvement focused work environment. Specifically, this workshop helps to address what it takes from a regional HR perspective to support a world class Lean enterprise’s organizational development and promote employee engagement, ownership and retention.

To answer what it takes, topics covered include, but may not be limited to:

  • Lean Thinking around people development
  • Introduction to Lean strategy and Hoshin Planning/A3

-people development strategy

- design framework

- infrastructure and direction

  • Lean vision for Learning
  • Goals on training and development- organizationally and individually
  • Process standardization and continuous improvement for Lean People processes – recruitment, hiring, development, performance management and more…
  • Supervisors and Managers as coaches/mentors
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change

with team activities centered around:

  • Lean in Position/Assignment Descriptions, job Performance Reviews and CI Accountability (KPI’s)
  • Integration with National Programs- new hires and existing
  • Career Planning/Employee Development
  • Rate of Deployment/Training Goals
  • Lean Competency Models and assessments
  • New Hire Selection Criteria and Induction