Professor Kafi has over 25 years of business and management experience.  He is the founder and board member of Plexus Solutions, a Boston area consulting firm. He served as President o Babson Global ,CEO of Matrix Corporation, and Vice President of LexCom, Inc. and Links International, Inc. Dr. Kafi has delivered numerous presentations on economic development, foreign investment, international trade, economic policy, and national strategies. In the field of Economics, his areas of expertise include: International Business, Macroeconomics and Regional Economic Development.

His consulting and Lean Gulf Institute advisement activities have entailed cost-benefit analyses, risk assessments, and strategic planning. He has extensive teaching experience and has also served on the faculties of Brandeis, Suffolk, Northeastern, and Boston University.

Academic Qualifications:

B.A., University of Karachi
B.A., University of California, Hayward
M.A., M.S., Northeastern University
A.B.D. Boston University