Our Regional Focus and Commitment

LGI is part of the Lean Global Network and based in the United Arab Emirates. The region we are dedicated to serve is the Gulf and the following countries of the Middle East (listed alphabetically):

Bahrain Egypt Iraq Jordan Lebanon Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates
Bahrain Egypt Iraq Jordan Lebanon Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

The LGI Commitment

Lean implementation is not easy and it takes, patience, determination and know how to change an enterprise’s culture to become Lean. The Lean Gulf Institute is both passionate about what we do and how we approach our commitment to our clients. We are based here in the region to make a difference and have a positive impact in developing empowered, engaged people and the enterprises they work in.

Effective implementation of Lean requires involvement from ALL levels of the organization – from the CEO to the most junior employee, as well as support from the Boardroom. Our approach works to embed Lean thinking throughout the organization. In this way, Lean initiatives and projects are not seen as just a flavor of the month, a quick fix project, or an isolated continuous improvement plan oblivious to business goals and initiatives.

Aside from some of our public training programs, you will rarely find us in our offices. Almost all of our work is conducted at our clients place of business. Through our in-house workshops and coaching lean projects with our clients’ own teams, employees gain confidence in taking ownership and working in teams, to ensure that accountability and knowledge stay within organizations long after workshops and projects have been completed.

Unlike some traditional consultant firms, we have no desire to work for our clients forever so our approach is designed to enable long-term business sustainability by minimizing reliance on long-term external support. We consider ourselves successful when we are no longer needed and the employees at every level confidently encourage and coach each other  to improve their systems and processes to better manage forecasts, inventory, production and waste.