Why work with us?


The Lean Gulf Institute’s (LGI) purpose is to bring globally competitive practices based on lean principles to the Gulf and beyond.


LGI is independent and interacts with select innovative Lean thinkers across the globe to share information and accelerate the diffusion of lean knowledge and lean transformations to meet today’s ever changing world.

LGI offers educational products and services in three core areas:

1) public and in-company, customized educational and training workshops;

2) publications and learning materials; LGI has exclusive Arabic translation rights to select publications and learning materials .

3) collaborative industry specific lean transformation coaching at your site.

In the News:

KD cover Deborah Salimi, a key contributor at the Lean Gulf Institute has a new book out: Kaizen Demystified

now available through Amazon.


American University of Sharjah LGI in collaboration with American University of Sharjah School of Business Graduate Studies Programs, the Lean Gulf Institute (LGI) introduces Lean Management to executive MBA Students.

Lean Bronze Cadidates The first batch of Ducab’s Lean Bronze certification candidates and their Senior Leaders take a break after 5 days of comprehensive training to pose for a group picture before getting back to work on the launch of their Lean Transformation journey.

Green Middle East Conference 2012 LGI participates in Green Middle East conference 2012 in Sharjah.

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